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Electric Bicycles Arrive Downtown - A Clean Solution

by Sabrina Zuniga | Mar 25, 2019
Sabrina Zuniga 
El Diario de El Paso
Friday, March 22, 2019 | 06:00

El Diario de El Paso Sabrina Zuniga    The new SunCycle electric bicycles arrive in  downtown El Paso in May. On Thursday, the company demonstrated to the community, a new, clean, and convenient solution to move around downtown. 

The BCycle electric bicycle does not emit pollution, there is no need to fill the tank and the best thing is that there is no traffic or parking fees.

The new fleet of 16 bicycles will have an active line motor with enough power to climb hills, a digital screen that marks the speed, and a basket to carry belongings. It is expected that this green transportation innovation will be available in El Paso in early May.

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