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How It Works SunCycle

So - how does bike sharing in El Paso work?

Good question! There are four ways to access and use the SunCycle program - all of which require the purchase of a pass. We offer Daily Passes, Monthly Passes, Semester Passes and Annual Memberships. Once you buy a pass, you have access to any bike in the system.

Now, here's the key - as long as you dock the bike within 30 minutes of checking it out, the cost of the pass covers as many rides as you can take within the period of your pass (day, month, semester, year). However, if you keep the bike over 30 minutes, additional fees apply. For more detail on rates, click here

See below for more details on each type of pass and how to get one.



Want to try out a SunCycle? Then this is the pass you want. Just go to any SunCycle station and touch the screen to get started. This pass gets you access to all system bikes for a 24 hour period. Once you complete the process at the station and grab your bike, the system will remember your credit card and allow you to take other bikes from other stations, with no additional cost, during that 24 hour period. 


Interested in giving the system a go, but not sure you're in for a full year? Grab a monthly pass - this one will give you 30 days of access. Just like a Daily Pass, the system will remember your credit card, so that you can grab a bike within your 30 day period without additional charges. Click here to get started, or give us a call: (915) 212-BIKE.


Hey students - this one's for you! This pass gets you access to the full system of bikes for 4 months. It's great for getting you to/from school and goes away when you're off for summer vacation. Nice, right? Click here or give us a call to grab a semester pass: (915) 212-BIKE.


So you live, work and/or play downtown? Then you need an annual pass. With this one, you get a full year of rides. Annual memberships come with a fob that allows you to skip the touchscreen and gives you faster access to your bike - just touch the button on the dock of the bike you want, wave your fob over the dock scanner and you're ready to go. Click here or call (915) 212-BIKE and order one today! 

Sounds easy, right? 

It is, but see below if you want more details. Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here. Or call us with any questions you have - we're here to help get you on a bike: (915) 212-BIKE. 



How El Paso B-cycle Works

  1. Purchase a membership online or at any B-station.

  2. Choose a bike from any B-station.

  3. Grab your bike and go.

  4. Return your bike to any B-station.

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