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El Paso Bcycle

Electric Bikes are now available in the Borderland

by Nick Patrick | Aug 02, 2019
Nick Patrick

August 1st 2019

The sun-cycle bike share program in El Paso unveiled a dozen new electric bikes today.

The new E-Bikes come with some new technology like pedal-assist, that helps power the bike easier.

This allows riders to travel more quickly, up greater inclines and farther than ever before.

The new e-bikes are being added to SunCycle’s existing fleet of classic red bikes and will provide one more way to move between downtown and uptown destinations.

The release of the new e-bikes coincides with the El Paso Community Foundation Plaza Classic Film Festival. Riders can use the SunCycle app to find and choose between the classic red bikes and the new e-bikes in rotation at all 15 SunCycle bike share stations found between Downtown, Sunset Heights, the Cincinnati Entertainment District and beyond.

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