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‘Barrio Bicycles’ offers new way to see art in Segundo Barrio

by Brianna Perez | Sep 16, 2021

Brianna Perez
September 16, 2021

EL PASO, Texas -- The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority’s SunCycle Bike Share program has been awarded a grant of $4,300 from the People For Bikes Foundation/Better Bike Share Partnership.

With the grant, the organization created murals on the move with their new “Barrio Bicycles,” a unique approach to seeing art.

Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Raymond Telles said it was a goal of this project to engage El Pasoans with the Segundo Barrio.

“What we’ve done is ask seven muralists from Segundo Barrio to come out and paint, basically take what they’ve done on the wall and minimize it and put it onto seven of our bikes,” explained Telles.

He also said there is no better day than at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month to begin the project.

“Today is the 16th of September, this is the perfect time to launch Barrio Bicycles - because it really celebrates the murals and the art, and the history of Segundo Barrio here in El Paso,” added Telles.

Each of the seven bikes have a QR code attached to the side and when scanned by your smartphone, will bring up a map and show you the location of all murals.

Local artist Martin Zubia said this project is a great way to push the community towards more art.

“It just makes this place more beautiful, to have local people sharing their local knowledge and ideas for us locals," he said.

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