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El Paso Bcycle
  • Electric bicycles officially in rotation at bike-sharing stations

    by Tatiana Favela | Aug 02,2019
    Tatiana Favela
    August 1st 2019

    EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Pasoans are getting a new way to ride around Downtown El Paso with the help of some technology. 

    “If you remember how to ride a bike, you’re going to do just well,” Cesar Martinez, Operations Manager for SunCycle Bike Share said. 

    SunCycle Bike Share introduced new electronic bicycles to the sun city to ride onward and upward.

    “This technology does require you to press a power button. But the truth of the matter is you’re the motor,” Martinez explained, “Pedaling is the most important thing, it’s a pedal assist device that requires you go ahead and give us a forward motion and it’s just going to assist you in operating and moving the bike forward. Help you going up some inclines, or going farther distances.”

    There are currently a total of 16 new e-bikes which are part of the existing bike-share system. That means you can find them spread out at the 15 bike stations between the Cincinnati Entertainment District to Downtown.

    “This is a really good synergy because if you don’t like to pedal you have the opportunity to take advantage of a little cruise control and cruise around. Open your eyes and see all of the beautiful activities going on around Downtown especially the world’s largest Classic Film Festival,” Eric Pearson, CEO/President of the El Paso Community Foundation said.

    The price is still the same which is $6 for 30 minutes and an additional $2 per additional half-hour. That’s if you don’t a membership.

    As Downtown El Paso continues to evolve, Pearson shared now is the right time to introduce the e-bikes for El Pasoans to enjoy, “I think it’s really important to know that we are always re-inventing ourselves and always improving. There are so many capital projects. We’re surrounded by cranes and building. This is a place that is constantly improving itself and this is just another step.”

    SunCycle said it looks forward to continue adding more e-bikes in the future to add to its bike-share stations.

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  • New e-bikes added to fleet in downtown El Paso

    by Jamel Valencia | Aug 02,2019
    "Electric" e-bikes (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

    "Electric" e-bikes (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

    Jamel Valencia
    KFOX, CBS, and KTXS 12
    August 1st 2019

    EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14/CBS4) — "Electric" is the new motorized ride people can travel on in downtown El Paso.

    The new line, "Electric," of e-bikes were added to the front of the Plaza Theatre Thursday morning.

    They came in just in time for the start of the Plaza Classic Film Festival.

    The e-bikes were revealed with a red-carpet premiere.

    Riders can use the SunCycle app to find the new e-bikes.

    They will be in rotation at all 15 SunCycle bike share stations along with the red bikes already in place. 

    The new e-bicycle makes it easier for riders who want to enjoy the sights.

    "If you don't want to pedal, you have an opportunity to ride in style," said Eric Pearson president of the El Paso Community Foundation.

    The stations can be found between Downtown, Sunset Heights and the Cincinnati Entertainment District.

    The film festival runs Aug. 1 to Aug. 11.

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  • Electric Bicycles Arrive Downtown - A Clean Solution

    by Sabrina Zuniga | Mar 25,2019
    Sabrina Zuniga 
    El Diario de El Paso
    Friday, March 22, 2019 | 06:00

    El Diario de El Paso Sabrina Zuniga    The new SunCycle electric bicycles arrive in  downtown El Paso in May. On Thursday, the company demonstrated to the community, a new, clean, and convenient solution to move around downtown. 

    The BCycle electric bicycle does not emit pollution, there is no need to fill the tank and the best thing is that there is no traffic or parking fees.

    The new fleet of 16 bicycles will have an active line motor with enough power to climb hills, a digital screen that marks the speed, and a basket to carry belongings. It is expected that this green transportation innovation will be available in El Paso in early May.

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  • El Paso bike-share adds seven new stations

    by Selena Madrigal | Oct 06,2016

    El Paso bike-share adds seven new stations

    The SunCycle Bike Share Program is expanding in the Borderland.

    One of the newest SunCycle stations is on the UTEP campus near the softball complex off of Sun Bowl Drive. It’s just one of seven new stations being added around the city.

    The seven new bike-share stations are coming with 80 more bikes, which are expected to be added within the next couple of weeks, according to Raymond Telles, Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority executive director.

    “The original bike share plan was actually a much larger plan; they cut it back. There were some funding issues at that time," said Telles.

    Funding is no longer an issue.

    The Metropolitan Planning Organization came up with additional funds with the help of the city of El Paso and the University of Texas at El Paso, according to Telles.

    People who use the bikes say they are seeing the benefits of the bike-share program.

    “It motivates people to exercise at least a little, because you know how we live such a busy life that we really don’t have enough time to exercise as much as we would want to. So I think it’s really cool,” said west side resident Perla Nieto.

    The new stations can be found at San Jacinto Plaza, Southwest University Park, El Paso County Courthouse, Mundy Park, UTEP at the Mike Loya Academic Services Building and along the north and southbound lanes of Sun Bowl Drive.

    “We direct them to our website. We can walk them through transactions if they’re at the screen, or we are just available to answer any questions for them,” said Cesar Martinez with the SunCycle operations. “The bikes are a great option option for transportation and they’re even eco-friendly, with stations running off of solar power.”

  • Field Guide: A Day In El Paso

    by Robert Lopez | Oct 06,2016


    Posted on August 24, 2016
    Sacred Heart Mural - El Segundo Barrio

    Everyone has that distant cousin who grew up in another city. When you see them, they look and feel like family, but you can tell they were raised a little different.  McAllen and El Paso are like distant cousins.

    Tale of the Tape: McAllen and El Paso metro areas rank 5th and 6th in Texas, respectively, with the McAllen MSA population at 842,304 and El Paso Metro with 838,972.

    On paper, the two border cities are nearly identical, but I wanted to see what the Sun City was all about. I’ve always thought the best way to explore a city is on foot, so I took to the streets of Downtown El Paso as soon as I had the chance.

    Self Portrait - Downtown El Paso

    Self Portrait – Downtown El Paso

    El Paso has a booming arts scene, and it starts at Las Plazas Arts District where you will find museums, entertainment venues and urban parks. Navigate through the Arts District and discover one of the only digital walls in the world at the El Paso Historical Museum. It’s History Channel meets Minority Report with this interactive touchscreen time machine. You can swipe left and right, pinch and zoom and travel through time at your own pace, learning about the rich history of the West Texas city.

    San Jacinto Plaza is the epicenter of any downtown experience. The newly renovated San Jacinto Plaza is a family attraction located in the heart of downtown. It features a full service café, a splash pad, and plenty of seating, including built-in chess tables and benches. You know you’re there when you spot the larger-than-life sized alligator sculpture created by nationally acclaimed local artist Luis Jimenez that pays homage to the alligators that once inhabited the park from the 1800s to 1960s.

    Alligator Sculpture - San Jacinto Park

    Alligator Sculpture – San Jacinto Park

    All that walking will make you hungry, and there is no shortage of high quality eats in Downtown El Paso. The easy way out is finding a Mexican Restaurant, but putting EP’s culinary culture to the test is way more adventurous. You can scour review sites, ask a local passerby, or you can discover a hidden gem on your own. I prefer the singular experience, so when I spotted Craft & Social from across the street, I jay walked my way to the cozy eatery.

    Craft & Social - El Paso

    Craft & Social – El Paso

    Craft & Social has everything you look for in a lunchtime hot spot. Its hip vibe and simple menu of upscale sandwiches along with its craft beer selection make it the ideal midday stop for provisions. I opted for The Foghorn, which features oven roasted chicken and provolone with avocado, pear and sprouts on a perfectly toasted wheat Panini. Pair it with tangy, marinated cucumber chips and a pint of locally brewed Deadbeach Lager and conquer lunch at this vintage-styled eatery.

    The Foghorn - Craft & Social

    The Foghorn – Craft & Social

    I’m a fan of urban street art, so when I heard about the El Segundo Barrio murals, I had to see for myself. You can make the hike by foot, or immerse yourself in the scene and take advantage of its SunCycle Bike Share Program. I elected to channel my inner PeeWee Herman and take one of the bikes for a cruise through the oldest neighborhood in El Paso because I like to keep a low profile, and a bright red bike outfitted with an oversized basket is the perfect way to blend in in the Barrio.

    El Paso Bcycle Station

    El Paso Bcycle Station

    El Segundo Barrio was established in the 1880s when thousands of Mexicans emigrated to El Paso to start a new life. The murals adorn the facades of church buildings, apartment homes and local markets, telling the story of the community’s deep-rooted Chicano culture through the eyes of its resident artists.  Here are a few snapshots I captured, and this is probably only half of the neighborhood murals.

    El Segundo Barrio mural

    El Segundo Barrio mural

    La Virgen de Guadalupe mural - El Segundo Barrio

    La Virgen de Guadalupe mural – El Segundo Barrio

    mural - El Segundo Barrio

    mural – El Segundo Barrio

    El Corrido del Segundo Barrio mural - El Segundo Barrio

    El Corrido del Segundo Barrio mural – El Segundo Barrio

    Iztaccihuatl & Popocatepetl Mural - El Segundo Barrio

    Iztaccihuatl & Popocatepetl Mural – El Segundo Barrio

    Sacred Heart Mural - El Segundo Barrio

    Sacred Heart Mural – El Segundo Barrio

    unknown urban art - El Paso

    unknown urban art – El Paso

    El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame mural

    El Paso Boxing Hall of Fame mural

    mural El Segundo Barrio

    mural El Segundo Barrio

    urban street mural - El Paso

    urban street mural – El Paso

    El Chuco y Que Mural - El Segundo Barrio

    El Chuco y Que Mural – El Segundo Barrio

    Entelequia/Entelechy Mural - El Segundo Barrio

    Entelequia/Entelechy Mural – El Segundo Barrio

    unknown urban art - El Paso

    unknown urban art – El Paso


    The urban artistry seeps out of El Segundo and into mainstream culture with each vibrant piece of artwork connecting you to the next, before landing you at Union Square where native crafters can be found at farmer’s markets selling local wares on the weekends.

    Plotting your next step over an expertly handcrafted cocktail is veteran move, and the move here is Anson 11. Located on the ground floor of the historic Anson Mills building, this local cocktailery lives up to the reputation of its namesake, Anson Mills, the founding father of El Paso. With bold beverages like its Jalapeno Cilantro Margarita, Anson 11 is the standard-bearer when it comes to gourmet eats and drinks in Downtown EP.

    Jalapeno Cilantro Margarita - Anson 11

    Jalapeno Cilantro Margarita – Anson 11

    Ending the day snaking up the windy, paved road on the East side of the Franklin Mountains is the way to go. Franklin Mountains State Park is the largest urban state park in the United States, and offers a birds-eye view of the unique borderland below. From the visitors parking area, situated 4,692 feet above sea level, you can catch a glimpse of both worlds, seamlessly connected by a sprawling desert-urban landscape. Views from the top overlook three states and two nations, naturally lit as the sun sets on Sun City, creating a color pallet only Mother Nature could make.

    Wyler Aerial Tramway - photo credit: Texas Parks & Wildlife

    Wyler Aerial Tramway – photo credit: Texas Parks & Wildlife

    Insider Tip: Take the Wyler Aerial Tramway to catch the best views from the top of Ranger Peak. Check the weather and hours of operation to make sure it’s open though.

    You can’t help but notice the cultural similarities between El Paso and McAllen at every turn, yet at the same time, the two cities are equally just as different. I love McAllen, but after spending some time in the West Texas border town, I may have developed a little bit of a crush on El Paso.

    Views from Franklin Mountain State Park

    Views from Franklin Mountain State Park

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